Soft Class is a new media technology and content development company that operates globally. Within the new media development field Soft Class has created a niche market through the provision of services and products that not only achieve technical excellence through innovation, but are also based on solid business and marketing principles, specifically geared towards the new media sector.

With the end result being a product which acts as a vehicle to usher in new sources of revenue and takes full advantage of this medium as a highly effective marketing and business tool.

Soft Class was founded in August 2004 in Timisoara, Romania. On this years we have been helping others to realize and benefit from Internet related technologies and marketing methods.

With the establishment of Soft Class we are in a position to rationalize all of our business activities under the one roof. We are in a position to offer superior levels of service, support and products from our new main corporate headquarters located within Timisoara, Romania.

Soft Class aims to help you to grow your business by utilizing new media technologies, products and services. Our intention is to provide cost effective, fully interactive new media solutions utilizing the latest technologies to ensure our clients receive the very best return on their investment.


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In addition to computer programmers, graphic designers and technical consultants we also utilize the skills and expertise of business consultants. This allows us to better understand our client’s needs and expectations and to work towards long term business relationships and actual solutions that surpass our client’s expectations.

From email letterheads, CD-Rom design, entry-level online brochure type websites to fully-fledged e-commerce centers. Our drive for innovation and excellence as well as our commitment to quality and service has led
to a reputation among the top in this industry and that is a reputation we strive to maintain with every new client that entrusts us with their development needs.

Soft Class is unique in that it encompasses highly specialised and highly focused business units within their core business. Soft Class was founded on this principle as this enables us to remain extremely customer focused, it allows our knowledge base to constantly grow and expand, and it enables our circle of influence to be amongst the best in this industry.

Soft Class SRL - new media technology and content development company
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