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The purpose:

The Soft Class Agency is maintaing and operating this website to present its services.

Website Accessing:

For optimal accessing the website we recommend you to use Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, the 6-th version or next, or Netscape®, the7-th version or next. The minimal resolution recommended is 800 x 600 pixels. The minimal number of colors is 65536 (High Color). It’s necessary to have JavaScript activated.

It’s strongly forbidden to do the next: to access the website by contrivance,  automatic programs, to copy, disassemble or analyse the content of the website, also using the links to through the content appear deformed or incomplete.

Any attempt to unauthorized access of the website or any struggle embezzlement will be reported to the capable authorities.

Responsibility Declining:

In any case, Soft Class cannot be responsible for any loss or damage, caused by accessing or using this website.

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Using the content:

You can explore the Soft Class website according with its purpose. It’s forbidden to copy, transmit the information from the, regardless the modality without the written permission of Soft Class Agency. The website content is protected by the 8/1996 Law, looking the author rights.

Data Using:

The agency makes efforts to obtain and share the accurate information, but Soft Class is not guarantying the correctness or completeness of the data presented on the website.
Soft Class is not offering through this website investment, jurisdictional, fiscal or any type of consultancy.

Personal Data of clients:

Soft Class is not collecting personal data, (name, address, phone number, email) through this website, only if you are offering this information voluntary and conscientiously. Those data can be used by us to identify and contact. Soft Class is not selling or offering your personal data to any person. According to 677/2001 Law, at your request we will delete all your data from out Database.

General Information:  

We reserve the rights to change anytime and without notice those terms and conditions. Continuing to use this website according to our terms and conditions you automatically agree to our rules.

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